Safeguarding your WiFi Security
Cutting-edge WiFi Security Matrix for an all-round secure connection

Security Cloud Awareness System
Real-time hotspot security assessment

The specially developed Security Cloud Awareness System predicts possible Wi-Fi security risk in advance before every connection. The system also applies machine learning algorithms to intelligently track the predicted risky Wi-Fi hotspots, adjusting hotspot risk level in real-time to avoid false alarm.

Security Tunnel Protection System
Real-time Connectivity Protection

User security and privacy is at the heart of our services. This specially developed Security Tunnel Protection System provides data encryption and a smart WiFi scan to monitor and block phishing hotspots, ARP attacks and DNS attacks for enhanced security and privacy protection.

WiFi Security Response Center (WiFiSRC)
Industry’s first WiFi Security Insurance coverage

In September 2015, LinkSure Network partners ZhongAn Insurance to co-launch the industry's first WiFi Security Insurance coverage. In the event of encountering network security issues while using WiFi Master, users are insured up to RMB100,000 per insurance claim. Since its inception, the WiFi Security Insurance holds the record of zero claims.
(WiFi Security Insurance is currently only available in China)

Honorary awards

Always download the official WiFi Master, say NO to “Scam” apps!

As WiFi Master is a leading platform for internet access, there are multiple copyright-infringing apps pretending to be WiFi Master deceiving users. In 2016, 1387 of such “scam” apps are found in the market. We have worked with various official app stores to successfully stop the operation of 1305 “scam” apps. Despite repeated prohibitions, it is difficult to stop these “scam” apps from appearing entirely. For your own safety and pleasant user experience, we highly recommend you to download WiFi Master from official channels or from our official website at

Beware of WiFi Risk in Public

Please be careful when you are connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots in the public. According to the WiFi Master Security 2016 Report, risky Wi-Fi hotspots accounted for 1.52% of hotspots in China. 80% of this 1.52% risky hotspot are fake Wi-Fi hotspots. These fake Wi-Fi hotspots SSIDs often disguise as open network using names of well-known operators, merchants, and routers without login details. Please be careful when you are connecting to such hotspots.

Staying Safe on public Wi-Fi