CEO Senior Assistant

Singapore | Full-Time


1. Assist the CEO to determine the company's goals, analyze the market environment, the development of corporate strategy and coordination with relevant departments of the company to complete major project investment & financing, mergers and other company matters;

2. Assist the CEO in the daily management of the company, involvement in coordination of operations of various departments and follow-up supervision of key projects;

3. To help maintain the relationship between the company and the government, media, partners etc;

4. Handling CEO 's daily affairs including meetings and travel arrangements;

5. Undertake any other duties as and when assigned.


1. Bachelor degree or above;

2. Minimum 5 years of relevant work experience;

3. Fluent in spoken and written Chinese (to liaise with mandarin speaking associates in China);

4. Experienced in investment, law industry related background preferred.

Interested candidates, please send your CV and indicate your expected salary to