Chief Scientist

Shanghai/Beijing/Singapore | Full-Time/Intern


1. Access data from large databases via SQL and conducts statistical analysis based on the data and charts;

2. Analyzes data using open source data mining tools;

3. Conducts exploratory analysis (such as clustering, projection, dimension reduction, etc.) and visual analysis to find the linear and non-linear relationship of each dimension;

4. Conducts sampling extraction on large data representative and establish the classification and prediction model;

5. Identify heterogeneous data;

6. Use data mining methods to assist various departments to address their difficulties and increase their efficiency and targets.


1. Holds Bachelor degree or above, majoring in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering;

2. At least 2 years of programming experience (any major languages such as: C, C ++, java);

3. Strong knowledge in data mining capabilities such as SQL, Linus, Python or Java;

4. Candidates with MapReduce, NLTK, R, Scikit-Learn, Depth Learning (Caffe, Keras, TensorFlow, Theano, Torch) data mining experience will have advantages;

5. Experience in mobile Internet industry development, experience in search, advertising, recommendation is a plus.


Shanghai/Beijing/Singapore | Full-Time/Intern


1. 通过SQL访问大数据库抽取数据,针对数据做基础统计分析与图表;

2. 使用开源数据挖掘工具分析数据;

3. 通过探索性分析(聚类、投影、维度缩减、等)、可视化分析、等方法找出各维度的线性与非线性关系;

4. 针对大数据做代表性的样本抽取,并用以建立分类与预测模型;

5. 对常规数据找出异类;

6. 用数据挖掘方法协助公司各部门解决其痛点或增高其效率与指标.


1. 本科以上学历,计算机或电气工程专业;

2. 至少2年编程经验(任何主要语言如:C, C++, java);

3. 必备数据挖掘能力:SQL, Linux, Python或Java;

4. 优势数据挖掘经验:MapReduce, NLTK, R, Scikit-Learn, 深度学习(Caffe, Keras, TensorFlow, Theano, Torch);

5. 备移动互联网行业研发经验,有搜索,广告,推荐等领域经验更佳.

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