iOS Developer

Shanghai | Full-Time/Intern


1. iOS product design, development, commissioning and post-maintenance

2. In accordance with the product demand and project planning, timely submission of complete architecture and modular design, coding, testing;

3. Improve, maintain and optimize related product quality, performance, and enhance the user experience;

4. Responsible for the development of technical documents related to the preparation, filing technology, software version management;

5. Constantly learning new iOS product development technologies, tracking technology development, and sharing development experiences with other colleagues.


1. At least 3 years of iOS development experience required to undertake App moderately complex design and development work independently;

2. familiar with the thinking of object-oriented programming and design patterns, familiar iOS platform dependent development model, good programming style and documentation habits;

3. Familiar with the iOS system architecture, proficient iOS application development framework (Cocoa Touch), experience in UI design and implementation, resource allocation and scheduling, network communication (such as Socket, Http and APNS)

4. Good communication skills and team spirit, ensure timely completion of the project.

5. WiFi connection related experience is preferred.

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